Consulting & Implementation Project Management

Consulting & Implementation Project Management

We see consulting and execution as one integral business that advises our client companies and also manages the execution for them, a manifestation of our belief in doing as much as talking. Our consulting services are focused on advisory services by standing in our clients shoes.

And it doesn’t stop there. Our project management team 
executes our clients’ plans on the ground. Our project management services take on the ownership of client projects from ideation to execution.

Consulting Areas

Our experienced consultants cover the most challenging yet most in-need business areas, leveraging our financial experience and expertise in running businesses.




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Project Management Areas

We treat a client’s project as our own business. We set strategies, we plan and we lead the execution of a variety of client projects. Anything from recruiting a hard position to workplace reimagination. Those project our clients find of value to their business then become our business and we run them as such.

Here are our Project Management Areas:

Company’s Planned Projects

Company’s Recurring Activities

Projects Resulting from Consulting & Advisory

Stories with our Clients

A 70-billion-dollar multinational professional services corporation sought our team’s help in restructuring its middle management leadership structure. Capitalizing on our team’s experience in cost structure and human resource management principles, our team drafted down the new organizational leadership map, paving the way for the client’s recruitment team to staff the company’s future leaders.

A regional financial institution retained our project management team to oversee their Workplace Reimagination project by optimizing administrative asset expenditure yet offering employees inspiring world-class office spaces to work from. Our project management team focused on ensuring plans are relevant to and serving employees. And this is where the team started off; we started our conversations with the employees as our first task. Our key advisory was migrating our client from traditional fixed offices into global flexible workspace offices.