Wall Street is not just a location, rather a career, a mood, a lifestyle, a world. If you are based out of our 14 Wall St office, you’ll also get the physical location part.

Wall Corporation is pleased to welcome you to Wall Street if you’re joining our team in either of our offices where you enjoy going to Wall Street for work, in all senses & meanings of the word.

Welcome to Wall Street!


Associate Cost Controller

New Cairo office of one of our Clients

Day in a Life of an Associate

Cost accounting is a key role in the company’s success. The company’s financial performance highly depends on its ability to predict, control and utilize cost in its strategic plans. The Associate Cost Controller looks after the client’s accounting and treasury function. The associate will work alongside company team members, leadership, accounting and auditing firms and suppliers in order to integrate a coherent bookkeeping system for the company, allowing for proper reporting, control and decision support.


Take part in designing the company’s cost structure
Controlling procurement and labor cost
Transaction bookkeeping and journaling
Internal reporting and decision support
Participating in auditing and commercial governmental activities
Liaising with 3rd-party firms to assist in reporting


The client’s mission is tangible to households in their main day-to-day activity: preparing food. Every single effort that helps improve the customers’ experience counts and contributes towards a better service, product and experience. The cost controller is at the heart of the financial planning of the company, which directly and indirectly allows the company to keep its presence in a financially healthy way in order to deliver to its mission. More directly, the cost controlling function helps management better envision and plan for the company’s future based on its past.

Career Progression & Compensation

In this role, the associates move swiftly from junior associate level to senior associate level and then full staff then senior staff. Afterwards, leadership roles could be assumed. The higher the rank, the more profit share and stocks the employee holds in the company. The client company is a fair-employment company that takes pride in its diversity, inclusion and respect of work-life balance as much as fair unbiased performance evaluation.

Apply Here

We accept applications using LinkedIn profiles. Full resumes would still be required later, but we use LinkedIn for our initial scanning.

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