Wall Street is not a physical location. It’s a job, a career, a mood, a lifestyle, a world. If you are based out of our 14 Wall St office, you’ll also get the physical location part.

Wall Corporation is pleased to welcome you to Wall Street if you’d like to join our team, regardless to which office you will be based out of, you will enjoy going to Wall Street for work, in all senses & meanings of the word. Welcome to Wall Street.


Personal Finance Coach

Open until August 9, 2017

    • A people person, credible and enjoys building relations and advising
    • Consulting individuals on personal lifestyle and spending/investing behavior
    • Flexible and highly adaptable to change
    • Passionate about investment and financial services
    • Self-motivated and effective team member
    • Manages multiple tasks and prioritize work and demonstrate flexibility
    • Pay is strongly tied to performance; commission-based compensation and benefits only
    • Reporting to 2nd-line management, yes we are a very flat organization.
    • Qualifications
      • Interpersonal skills are the utmost qualification for this job
      • Strong Selling and negotiation skills
      • Business degree and/or extracurricular activities are a plus
      • Year of Experience Required: 3+ – 7
    • Part-Time: 16 hrs/week

Apply Here

We accept applications using LinkedIn profiles. Full resumes would still be required later, but we use LinkedIn for our initial scanning.