Wall Corporation is a business unit that takes pride in its goal to help have a better urban life in Egypt by empowering businesses that support, enhance and innovate life in Egyptian cities.  Wall is not in fact a corporation; it helps client companies become one.

Founded in 2015 as part of our industry-veteran 30-year-old mother firm*, Wall takes you to Wall Street, actually literally. Our headquarters is in New Cairo and our first global office will be in 14 Wall Street, New York, NY. Our mother firm has offices all across Cairo, Alexandria & New York.

Read more about our motto: “Life… dedicated to those who make it.”

Wall’s main current activity is based on 3 pillars:

  • Coaching individuals on how to better have a balanced investment-oriented personal finance
  • Financial professional services and investment consulting to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) inclusing valuation, investor relations consulting & capital structure advice
  • Promoting for SMEs that are looking to raise capital, leveraging our huge network of investors


We believe our everyday life can be improved with very tiny touches that shouldn’t cost us much. We believe our cities can be easily made better, more beautiful, more convenient and enjoyable enough without being too costly. We help companies that have that as a mission and we empower them.

We also believe everybody is an investor, in a way. It doesn’t take a fortune to be an investor. We help you start today. We financially coach and connect people to the right companies for them to invest in.

We look forward to more and more opportunities to help build Egypt’s future cities, improve urban life and help Egyptians have a smother day-to-day life.

* Read more about our mother firm here adelsabry.com