“The Big Short” Short Review

As a Wall Street company, we love giving critiques on the new hit Wall Street movie The Big Short, starring Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Steve Carell and Brad Pitt. Our review is¬†based on academic¬†factors from a normal audience viewpoint. The review has definitely some Wall Street flavor, coming from us. The Movie in Brief In short, the movie portrays the […]

Egypt Bans Those Imports!

Effective early March 2016, none of the below products could be imported to Egypt Dairy products Fruits Oils Chocolate and cocoa products Candy Juices Mineral water Cosmetics & Perfumes Stencils & Kitchen kits Sanitary products Toilet paper and diapers Household appliances (kettles, boilers, air conditioners, dishwashers …etc.) House & office furniture Bikes and motorbikes Watches House lights Toys Source: Al-Mal […]