The Egyptian Version of the American Dream

The American Dream is nothing but a humble wish of an average American. A house, a backyard, a car and a spouse. Both the tangible and intangible sides of the American Dream manifest in living a simple joyful life. It represents the basic rights to a happy stable life that you can share with those you love. You can replace house with family, backyard with a practicing […]


A quick scan of the real estate scene in Egypt shows that, from the viewpoint of the shoppers in the marketplace, it is crazily growing in prices and probably is the best investment opportunity, even if you don’t intend to buy a new house. Most real estate developers and bankers preach of this decade as the peak of the market […]

Renault Egypt Campaign: Under The Spot

We see ourselves in Wall Corp as marketers in the field of financial services. Our primary passion is maximizing value to our clients, just like all marketers. We just do it better. That said, we’re putting our friends in Renault marketing team in Egypt under the spot for the campaign that was launched earlier in September 2015. Here is what Renault […]